Our Wedding Gown dry cleaning focuses on providing best quality cleaning, preservation and restoration services.

A wedding gown is a lasting symbol of one of the most important day in your life. It deserves special treatment and care. So when it is time to get it cleaned, you would expect an expert to treat it. We have experienced dry cleaners that have been specialising in Wedding Dress Dry Cleaning for over 20 years.

Your dress will be inspected prior to cleaning to ascertain what treatment best benefits your dress. We will then manually remove the stains by hand before cleaning your dress. After cleaning we will re-inspect your dress and decide if anymore treatment is necessary. Only once we are completely satisfied will we press your dress by hand.

Once the dress is ready we invite you to inspect your dress, after which you can either take your dress as it is or have it boxed in acid free tissue paper for posterity

Our experience tells us that after cleaning and preservation, the most important aspect of care for your gown is packing it properly so you can store it for months, years, or decades. Our specialist Wedding Gown cleaning team carefully fold and wrap the dress with acid free tissue paper, then place it in an acid free storage box. The acid-free tissue paper provides your Wedding Gown with the best protection from discoloration and air-borne moisture so your beautiful wedding dress can be a lasting momentum that can be shared with generations to come.


  • Workmanship Guarantee
  • Pre-boxing inspection of the wedding dress
  • Environmental Friendly Processes
  • Complimentary Pickup & Delivery